As the child of a German soldier, Brigitte Yearman survived World War II, Russian military occupation, the refugee experience, and harsh reconstruction years. Her memoir, coauthored with Third Path writer Anika Hanisch, recounts her journey of survival and how she came to learn about the Holocaust and the frightening realities in her country’s recent history.

Later as a young woman, Brigitte met and married an American soldier. They moved to the United States where they raised four daughters. After her husband passed away in 2006, Brigitte moved to Montana to be closer to one of her adult daughters.  She lived to see the publication of her book in 2017 and enjoyed connecting with fans at several regional book signings and events.  Brigitte passed away in 2018.

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Don’t Say Anything to Anybody: A German World War II Girlhood
Brigitte Yearman with Anika Hanisch
Third Path Press, 2017; 304 pages
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