New Release: Summer 2020!

Co-Produced by Third Path and Gil Stober of Peak Recording in Bozeman, Montana

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The Album:  John Hosking’s much awaited 2020 singer-songwriter album showcases his poetic instincts as a songwriter and features several guest folk musicians from across the Rocky Mountains.  In turns sensitive, thought-provoking, and playful, John’s lyrics call to mind adventures in the mountains, chance encounters on the road, nights spent telling tales by a campfire, and the countless ups and downs of life in a beloved small town.

While the over-arching genre is Singer-Songwriter Americana, the songs transcend categories, roaming between folk, one-man-and-guitar western, melodic jazz, and tango.  The lyrics are evocative, relatable, and clearly inspired by countless interactions with both strangers and long-time friends during John’s forty-year career in touring theatre.

In Wide Open Door, John welcomed over a dozen regional guest artists to provide accompaniment, background vocals, and (in two tracks) arrange and play the song themselves.  The effect is an album that takes the listener on a journey not only through John’s stories, but also through his artistic community.

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Every Day

Crazy Mountains

Love Like a Boat

One Whiskey


Rearrange My Mind

Bless Me



Sapphire Eyes

Practice Peace

Wide Open Door