© 2020, John Hosking
From Wide Open Door, Produced by Third Path & Peak Recording

Some clouds hide the mountain.  Some clouds hide the world.
Some clouds are not really there at all.
Clouds can make you dream.  Clouds can make you scream.
But no cloud is gonna   ever stop you’re fall.

Let it rain.  Let it snow.  Let the clouds come  and go
May the sunshine warm my bones.
Rain clear my soul, fill the void and overflow.
Let the rain  wash/clean/paint  the stones.

Ice clouds make me shiver.  Rain clouds they deliver.
Cloud ‘round your heart can make you cry.
Clouds can give you shade, in the heat of the Parade.
But you’ll never make one stay or hold you tight.


Clouds may shadow.  Dust may cover.
Rain clears and brings out color,
light, love and joy to ease the pain.

Some clouds are made of smoke.  Some clouds are just a joke.
Some clouds will feed the earth below.
Let me drink down in my roots,  the bright rain of truth.
Bring me fruit.  Help me grow.


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