Featured Title: Don’t Say Anything to Anybody

YearmanCover-withBack-Round02-frontonlyBrigitte Yearman, with Anika Hanisch
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Countless World War II memoirs have been written, but few offer the German civilian perspective.  Yearman’s evocative memoir provides that unique voice.  The true story recounts the journey of a young girl coming of age during perilous times and struggling to learn the truth about the war…. (Full book description and more about Anika Hanisch.)



Third Path Authors

AnikaHanisch-MontanaGhostwriter-2656-CROP-01Anika Hanisch:  Anika has worked as a freelance writer and in-house writer for over twenty years.  She started out as a ghostwriter in the natural health world, researching and writing for influential physicians.  Anika broke into the narrative craft when she co-wrote Brigitte Yearman’s World War II memoir.  She also served as primary line editor for fiction author Troy Kechely.  Anika has ghostwritten or line-edited several other books through Montana Coauthor.  (More about Anika).


Other Third Path Favorites

Troy Kechely

TroyKechely-MontanaAuthor-DogBehaviorist-PICA Montana author and canine behavior specialist, Troy’s historical fiction and short stories celebrate the beauty of his home region and the human-animal bond.  His instructional work has appeared in Dog & Kennel Magazine and numerous dog rescue newsletters and websites.  Meet Troy Kechely.

  • Stranger’s Dance; 2015 – See Inside and purchase at Amazon
  • Lost Horse Park; 2017 – See Inside and purchase at Amazon


Steven J. Saltzman, M.D.

DrStevenSaltzman-LongevityMedicine-HeadshotVitality Health Challenge founder and medical director, Dr. Saltzman has pursued extensive conventional and alternative medical training. He is a board-certified anesthesiologist and integrative medicine specialist with wide-ranging training in nutrition, detoxification, oxygen therapies, oxidative medicine, exercise physiology, and using strategic physical challenges to trigger powerful metabolic and immune shifts in the body.  His 2020 debut book Dancing with Darwin helps people take charge of their own health by discovering and implementing “challenge therapies.”  Meet Dr. Saltzman.

  • Dancing with Darwin: Challenge Therapies for Optimal Health; 2020 – See Inside and purchase at Amazon