Anika Hanisch, Author & Ghostwriter

AnikaHanisch-MontanaGhostwriter-2656-CROP-01Anika Hanisch has worked as a freelance writer and in-house writer for over twenty years.  She began her career as a ghostwriter in the natural health world, crafting books and educational materials for integrative practitioners, doctors, and naturopaths around the world.  In addition to her work in natural health, she provides book coaching and manuscript editing for memoir and fiction authors.  She has also written her own outdoor narratives, artist profiles, sustainable living features, and essays on regenerative agriculture.  Her articles and essays have appeared in regional and national magazines including Guideposts, Montana Quarterly, and At Home.

In 2011 Anika met World War II survivor Brigitte Yearman through a friend-of-friend connection.  The two women began working on Brigitte’s memoir in 2012.  The book, Don’t Say Anything to Anybody was released in 2017.  Brigitte lived to see its publication and early critical acclaim.  She passed away in 2018.  Anika continues to speak at events in Brigitte’s honor, sharing about the book and the peace-making nature of their German-Jewish partnership.

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Don’t Say Anything to Anybody: A German World War II Girlhood

Brigitte Yearman with Anika Hanisch
Third Path Press, 2017; 304 pages

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