Bozeman’s Ellen Theatre returns to live shows with 3-week run of “The Christmas Carol”

John Hosking is starring as Scrooge for the first time in the Ellen Theatre’s production of The Christmas Carol, based on the holiday ghost story by Charles Dickens. Hosking is excited to be involved in this fresh take on the well-known holiday show. Two years ago, Director Mark Kuntz first nudged the Dickens classic in new directions in the Ellen’s 2019 production. This year, director Mary Jo Ludin builds on Kuntz’s ideas.

That “fresh take” includes: a steam punk opening dance number choreographed by Malia Ludin; clever casting and costuming of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future; and a soundtrack that emphasizes the mysterious ghost story quality of the original book.

John Hosking as Scrooge with the ghosts: Christmas Future (Malia Ludin, at left); Christmas Present (Torie Laher, in back); and Christmas Past (Charlotte Mae Ellison, at right). Ellen Theatre, Bozeman MT, 2021.

Hosking also brings a sincerity to his role as Scrooge, letting the man come alive as a genuinely damaged and unkind character, even while eliciting laughter at the old codger’s absurdities. That believability makes Scrooge’s later transformation all the more powerful and touching—even if you’ve seen the show several times before.

Opening weekend was a festive success and the cast of 24 is happy to hear that several of the next nine performances will be to full house audiences. There are still tickets left, but they’re going fast! Visit the Ellen website for showtimes and tickets (running through Wednesday, December 22).

UPDATE: Take a look at the Bozeman Daily Chronicle review to learn more about the show!

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