© 2020, John Hosking
From Wide Open Door, Produced by Third Path & Peak Recording
Arranged, mixed, and performed by Kyle Sorenson

Who will sing my song?
Would  you sing  along?

  1. Will my tune ever blend with the melody of a friend?
  2. Will her melody ever have a harmony?
  3. Will his melody ever find it’s symphony?

And, “Who  will fill my/her/his song?”


She works and travels and she sleeps and works,
and she passes unnoticed in the crowd.
Her song is soft and frightened, but cries to sing out loud.

She sleeps by the clock and she eats on her feet,
and she passes the days too fast,
Wondering if…  If it is never found… how long can her song last?



He sits before a glowing screen – seldom leaving his throne.
Dreams and games with mythic names freeing him from his tomb.
He types and scrolls, and he clicks and he sends,
He passes his days in the cloud.
Wondering if…  If it is never heard…  how can his song be found?



They reach out thru the electric ether,
that boundless current within the river of life,
Hoping to find and someday touch the warmth of a true unite.

Who?  Asking who?


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