© 2020, John Hosking
From Wide Open Door, Produced by Third Path & Peak Recording

Let me be grateful for every plate-full
And blessings so many to recall.  (3 – And glasses half empty or small.)
There’s no room for hateful, fearful, or spiteful
When I’m lucky to be living so tall.  (4 – When I’m lucky to be standing at all.)

Life can feel crazy.  Sometimes it scares  me.
The pain and bleeding that is for real.
Still, it’s better, I’m bettin’,  ‘stead of whinin’ and frettin’,
to be amazed by how often we heal.


Thanks for smiles from my neighbors, and the chance to do favors,
for a friend or anyone in need.
Thanks for skies full of sunshine,   rivers full of rainfall’
And the miracles that grow from a seed.


Thanks for the starlight, and moments of insight,
and the love and the friendship that I have.
Clean running water, a bed and dry cover,
makes me better off in this world by half.


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