© 2020, John Hosking
From Wide Open Door, Produced by Third Path & Peak Recording

She passed me going ninety, on the ribbon of the highway.
Her hair waved in a curlicue by the smile of her silhouette.
I wondered how I knew her, or, if I just did not know her yet.

Scenario.  Everywhere I go,
My heart beats fast.  The world runs slow.
Truth or lies,  I don’t care, and I don’t know
I grab a hold of scenarios

She walked into the bar room, soft as her scent of perfume
Her eyes were hung at half mast,  her pulse was strong and swift.
I wondered is that sigh for me,  or… is it for the one that she just left.


Wondrous love, adventures bold, magic unfolds in Scenario,
What is real may be bought and sold.  My life unfolds in scenario.

Her arm moved slowly round me, with the dawning of the morning.
Her breath was soft her skin was warm and her eyes not open yet.
I wondered will she stay with me, or… in her dreams has she already left.

My life unfolds, in Scenario.


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