Crazy Mountains
© 2020, John Hosking
From Wide Open Door, Produced by Third Path & Peak Recording

Goin’ east over the Bridgers or west up the Yellowstone,
Like castles in the skyline the Crazies stand alone.
Snowfields lead to star-fields, there’s magic on display.
Get off the road.  Lighten your load. Come on let’s play…


We’ll be dancin’.   Dancin’.
Up in the Crazy Mountains, in that starlight tonight.
Ridin’ the dream, floatin’ the stream, all the way to the milky-way tonight.

If you’re stressed out, beat-up, battered, or just draggin’ through some hell,
The Crazies know dark waters.  They have their tales to tell.
Take time to slow down and waltz with a waterfall.
Sway with the trees.  Glide with the breeze.  Hear that call…


From the darkest clouds, come the brightest lightnin’.
Good rain may fall and then we’ll be alright.  Yeah…


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