One Whiskey
© 2020, John Hosking
From Wide Open Door, Produced by Third Path & Peak Recording

Beer is for bowling and all the ball games,
Playing with my toys, shooting pool with the boys.
I drink tequila when I dance with senoritas,
or when I just have to make some noise.

Whiskey is for memories
of fishing and family,  (3 – the worst and the best of me.)
Dreams I hoped might be
that jumped off my line
Whiskey’s for memories
that are haunting me,  (2,3 – that are part of me.)
Hearts I know are true
this one whiskey is for you.

Wine is for cooking and to take on dinner dates,
Saki for sushi, champagne for wedding cakes,
Pretty bottles I have tasted quite a few
but sometimes only whiskey will do.


I used to think I could drink till I drowned,
All those memories dragging me down,
But I tell you son, ”What’s done is done.”
“There’s no percentage in drinking more than one.”  Still…


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