You are…

  • An indie bookseller
  • A concert venue rep
  • A brick-and-mortar record shop (we love you guys!)
  • A house concert host
  • An online reviewer
  • An event manager
  • An individual looking for live music for your private event.

Third Path can connect you with progressive voices that inspire, challenge, and entertain.

Third Path doesn’t work like conventional promotions agencies. We don’t charge percentage fees to our artists, and we don’t hide their contact info from you. In most cases, you’ll work directly with the author or musician to line up purchases or event booking.

Speaking Engagements & House Concerts:  We’re all about grassroots curating, connecting, and networking. Go ahead and peruse our catalogues of fresh-voice Authors and Musicians. See someone you like? Shoot them an email and start a new conversation! It’s that easy.

Wholesale Book & Album Purchases:  Third Path, LLC fulfills wholesale orders for the book title Don’t Say Anything to Anybody (Yearman & Hanisch, 2017) and will handle retailer distribution of future albums by John Hosking.  Apart from those two lines, feel free to contact any of our represented artists privately to arrange product orders.

Consumer Purchases: With all our artists, if they have books or albums available to the general public, we include links for purchasing those items online.

Major Events & Fundraisers: If you’re booking a larger event and need more personalized service to curate musicians or speakers, please contact Third Path.  We are happy to make specific talent recommendations based on your unique requirements.