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You live off your art.  Maybe you live off it part-time.  Maybe you juggle the art you love with a day job or commercial gig.  It works.  But it’s close to impossible to truly nourish your creative work and then try to market that work as well.

What if you met another musician or author or film maker in the same boat?
What if you met monthly and swapped promotions call lists?
What would happen if you made a promotions or booking call for another artist, and they did the same for you?

Think about it.  It’s always easier to sell someone else’s work, to endorse someone else.  To advocate for each other.

It’s more effective too.  The concert venue manager, the book store owner, the retailer,  the house concert hosts–they’re all way more likely to say yes to an artist’s rep than to the actual artist.  It’s a reality.  We work with it.

Contact Third Path to find out how you can start task-swapping those awful promotions calls.  It’s a ton more fun when you’re calling on behalf of someone else.