Hanisch Attended Annual Eco-Ag Conference, Announces New Book Project

Looking forward to building more connections in the regenerative agriculture movement, coauthor and freelance writer Anika Hanisch attended the ACRES Eco-Agriculture Conference in Minneapolis, Minnesota last week.

The annual convention attracts organic and traditional farmers, doctors who are worried about the health risks of conventional food, and many others concerned about how agriculture influences human health and the health of the planet. “Well, there’s nothing small about those topics!” Hanisch said. “All these issues hinge on whether we view land as a resource to exploit—or a finite and living system that we get to steward.”

Hanisch attended the conference, in part to grow the list of researchers she can contact when fact-checking her own manuscript. “I’m still ghostwriting for others. But, yes, I’m also working hard on finalizing my own non-fiction manuscript this year,” she said. “The new book focuses on my experience using regenerative agriculture principles to grow my own food—and also how land-restoration has become a metaphor for personal healing.”

As a veteran natural health ghostwriter, Hanisch has become increasingly curious about farming practices and how they directly influence human health through food quality and chemical exposure. In 2018-2019 Hanisch studied “permaculture” (a mix of sustainable farming practices, social equity, and lifestyle design) and earned her PDC through the International Permaculture Women’s Guild. Attending ACRES this year gave her a chance to expand that knowledge base, fact-check the essays in her manuscript, and look for a few new essay ideas too.

More details about that book-in-progress coming in the new year!

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