John Hosking “Album Preview Concert” to Launch Local Online Concert Series

Bozeman Arts-Live! and MSU Wonderlust are teaming up to provide a concert and after-hours artist-interview series beginning next week.  John Hosking will kick off the series with a half-hour Americana set on Wednesday, May 27 at 7:30 p.m. Mountain Time.  He’ll play a mix of preview tracks from his upcoming album and some fresh new songs that he’s written since the album went into production.

The concert is online, a format developed in response to the current global crisis.  John is admittedly nervous, but looking forward to it!  “It will be strange to not have that immediate feedback from the crowd,” he said.  He explained how live musicians thrive off felt connection with the audience, responding to the vibe in the room.  “But we still WideOpenDoor-CoverOnlyneed music in our lives, and not just polished tunes on CDs or downloaded from an app.  I’m thankful that these online concerts let people re-connect with each other.”

Bozeman Arts-Live! has filled this gap in recent weeks, providing a platform for regional artists to keep playing for and connecting with their fans.  The concerts are free and open to the public, requesting only pay-what-you can donations at the start of each performance.

The public concert will be followed by a private live social hour with John Hosking for participants in the MSU Wonderlust After-Hours Series.  The series is affordable ($10), but space is limited.  Register at Wonderlust.  John will answer questions about his new album and how he plans to promote it through a number of house concerts and other creative small-crowd initiatives this summer.

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