Surprise Standing-Room Only Crowd at “Don’t Say Anything” Book Signing in Bozeman

Picture(Bozeman, MT)  Country Bookshelf, Montana’s largest independent bookstore, usually prepares for a dozen attendees at new author events.  Ten minutes before Brigitte’s book signing started, the store employees were happily scrambling to put out more chairs.

Over 60 came this past Sunday! 

The main floor seating area was packed–standing room only.  People stood in back, on the stairwell, and on the second floor looking down from the balcony.  Customers who came into the store not knowing about the event, wound up sucked into the reading and met with us in the book signing line afterward.
Feedback from attendees took on two common themes: 

  • My aunt/mother/grandmother had the same experience in Germany after the war, and no one here in the U.S. has heard this perspective.  Thank you for giving my family a voice!
  • My family is Jewish.  I know that side of the story, but I feel ready to hear the German civilian side now.  I want to learn what happened to Brigitte.

Brigitte sold through her entire supply of books, and so many of those copies are heading out of state to friends and family of people who attended Sunday’s presentation.  We cannot even begin to thank all our local readers for their incredible support and their excitement about getting DSATA out to a broader readership!

Enjoy a few more photo highlights:







Anika reads from “the fishing story”, which seemed appropriate for a Montana crowd.






One more view of that incredible crowd!



A round of applause for the Country Bookshelf staff who went out of their way to move furniture, set up chairs, accommodate the crowd, and take care of all the book sales after the presentation.  You are wonderful souls!  Thanks for supporting regional authors!

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