New Album on the Horizon: John Hosking’s Collaborative Venture Showcases Songwriting Range

Singer songwriter John Hosking has been in the studio off and on all this summer. He’s in the process of laying his own core vocal and guitar tracks for a new album scheduled for release around New Year’s 2019. Hosking has been working with Gil Stober of Peak Recording in Bozeman and has also brought in bass player Eddie Tsuru (Eddie T) of Tsunami Funk and drummer Mike Gillam of Pan Blanco. Hosking will P_20180531_152416_HDRQuad-Discussion-Instudio-01.jpgbe bringing in several other artists as well.

He marvels at the exceptional creative contributions that Stober, Tsuru, and Gillam have brought to the project. “They often joke that I have a condition called S.A.D.—Solo Acoustic Disease,” Hosking said. He has enjoyed the highly collaborative process of evolving each song. One piece might become a driving rock and roll song, another skews toward contemplative jazz. “These guys are letting me experiment with my sound and discover the diversity in my music.”

That’s perfect because ultimately Hosking wants this album to be a showcase of his exceptionally broad range as a songwriter. “I like playing at regional venues, but I don’t want to tour,” Hosking said. “I want to show this album to other artists who are touring and see if they want to play my songs.”

The album is also, of course, a response to countless requests from regional fans. Most of Hosking’s fans in the Northern Rockies and Pacific Northwest know him from his 30-year career as a stage actor, artistic director, and co-founder of the Vigilante Theatre Company. He wrote and performed lots of original music on stage in the context of the Vigilante shows.

Since 2012, Hosking has begun a new phase in his life work, performing independently as an actor in numerous shows at The Ellen Theatre and with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks winter features in the Black Box Theatre. He’s also been taking a lot of time to write his own music and perform it at house concerts and local venues. The 2019 album will be a culmination of this new period of solo songwriting.

To be notified about behind-the-scenes studio videos and album pre-ordering through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, email info (at) .

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