Kickstarter Campaign to Support John Hosking’s New Americana Album

DSC09912This week singer-songwriter John Hosking launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finish his Americana album slated for release in Spring 2019. A local house concert on November 11th will give regional donors and fans a chance to hear a few of John’s latest tunes, some of which will be on the album.

The Kickstarter Campaign is live at:

Next Sunday’s House Concert is semi-private. If you’re interested, please notify John or Anika at info(at)thirdpathpromotions(dot)com. They’ll provide details and get you in touch with the concert host.

For the next 21 days, there will be special posts about: The campaign, the nationally known studio artists who worked with John on the album, and a few previews of work-in-progress songs and lyrics.

Stay tuned!

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